Old Fourth Street Filling Station

The properties were kept by us in trusts. Throughout the approximately a decade we had been lovers before

Their breakup and our wedding there have been properties we purchased together plus some Don purchased by himself or with an other woman, Pam. I put all of those I had not worked on into one trust when we married. The people from our joint efforts had been held in a trust that is separate. The trust keeping the properties I became perhaps maybe not involved with was put up along with his young ones as beneficiaries if he called and passed the PRSL Land Trust. I became the beneficiary for the trust keeping the properties I became involved with. Everyone can search their title within the records that are public 1950 – 1997 to see this is certainly true.

The primary Individuals Interviewed and Their Lies

Anne McQueen is known as Don’s trusted assistant. A month or two before|months that are few their disappearance we caught her embezzling approximately $600,000 in properties by purchasing all of them with our funds and placing them inside her title. She was ordered by a court them. Perhaps not the sign that is best of integrity, credibility, you to definitely think. Conservatorship situation #97-CP-002001

Wendell Williams. A loan was made by us to Wendell when he bought the 40 acres that became the sanctuary. He dug away dirt for construction, digging an 18 acre 30-foot hole that is deep our once you understand. Then he started running the opening being an unlawful dumpsite for construction debris. The opening loaded with water whenever a spring was hit by him. He stopped payments that are making. We foreclosed on him and wound up with the house.

Wendell is a rather con that is good and Don proceeded him not surprisingly. Through the time whenever Don ended up being decreasing mentally, we over and over observed Wendell cheating Don. Don liked to hold a complete great deal of money. We heard Wendell telling Don, “Remember that two grand you borrowed from me? ” and saw Don taken off two thousand bucks and offered it to him. A few hours later on, we saw Wendell try it again, and as a result of Don’s dementia, Don peeled off two thousand bucks once again and provided it to Wendell. We confronted Wendell. From then on Wendell did everything he could produce a rift between Don and. Many, much bigger, transactions where Wendell had been scamming Don. Persuading Don offering Don estate that is real by handing him paper he stated had been deeds but are not. Don, whom could not read, thought him and would offer him money and checks for quantities in excess of $60,000 thinking he ended up being property that is purchasing. Conservatorship instance #97-CP-002001

Don’s spouse Gladys Lewis Cross and daughters Donna Pettis, Lynda Sanchez & Gale Rathbone. Personally I think for Gladys because all women in Don’s orbit adored him. He might make you’re feeling him; the only one he ever really loved like you were the only woman in the world; the only one who understood. When you look at the show Gladys helps it be sound she found out about me like she told Don their marriage was over when. Don was indeed unfaithful to her for many years also it had been distinguished by her and generally speaking. When you look at the 1998 Dateline / individuals Magazine article Anne McQueen stated she had been probably the only girl he didn’t you will need to have sexual intercourse with. Also Don’s child relates when you look at the show to Don’s condition to be a “sexaholic. ”

Whenever Gladys demanded a divorce in 1989 there is a guy she wanted to marry at her church.

So she told Don that if he would offer her an instant divorce or separation she’d be satisfied with one million bucks. She plus the daughters caused Don to choose properties she’d be friends with, automobiles, precious jewelry and coins. I happened to be told that Don’s daughter that is oldest Donna Pettis afterwards was able to lose all of it within the currency markets within the years that followed.

In 1996, despite their divorce that is prior settlement, Gladys, whom easily accuses me personally to be “greedy, ” filed a suit claiming she had been entitled to more. Cross Vs. Lewis 95-DR-005258 Daughters Donna and Lynda testified on the behalf of Gladys. Don expected Gale and Anne McQueen to testify on their behalf. Alternatively they testified for Gladys. At that right time Don told us to eradicate them as beneficiaries for the PSRL trust. Do therefore because we felt these were family members and as time passes he would alter their brain. To your best of my knowledge, he talked to virtually any again.

After Don disappeared there have been several years of my being forced to handle the properties under a Conservatorship demanded by Gladys plus the daughters. The attorneys that are numerous involved, all being given out associated with property, paid off the assets dramatically. Finally the assets when you look at the PRSL trust, that had the daughters as beneficiaries, decided to go to them. Those assets were worth about $1 million. The assets in the other trust, worth about $2mm at that time, stumbled on me personally. The claim girls made in the series that we picked the assets they got and they had been bad assets is nonsense. They got the assets through the trust they certainly were beneficiaries of, worth $1 million.

Gladys along with her daughters had strong selfish motivations to lie and also make implications in regards to the meat grinder and Don being hidden regarding the home 23 years ago that have positively no foundation in fact whatsoever in addition they proceeded to take action into the show.

The Supposed “Circumstantial” Proof

The show makes a huge deal out of Don having requested a restraining purchase rejected and that the word “disappearance”

Found in the ability of Attorney document. Both logical explanations the directors would not explain. Anne’s tale about being told by Don to produce the order that is restraining to police if something occurred to him doesn’t make rational feeling predicated on her behavior after he disappeared.

For a Restraining Purchase. Don invested one per month in Costa Rica week. Don had been whom desired to have intercourse daily. He’d head to Costa Rica throughout the i was having my menstrual cycle week. We accepted this as one thing I experienced to reside with. Throughout the week away, haul from the property as much of this junk when I could. Wendell told Don I became achieving this. Don attempted calling the authorities to obtain them to get rid of. They told him he a order that is restraining. It really is uncertain if it had been Don’s indisputable fact that to obtain a restraining purchase he should state we threatened him or if perhaps some body like Wendell recommended that. Don filed for your order on June 20, 1997, also it ended up being rejected.

Don disappeared two months down the road 18, 1997 august. Anne claims Don told her to offer the document towards the police if any such thing took place to him. If somebody tells you that, while the individual vanishes 8 weeks, do you really “forget” that, as Anne claims? No, you keep in mind and provide it to your police instantly. But Anne would not tell the authorities or me about this until September 9, 1997, whenever she claims to possess unexpectedly recalled simply with time to spring it on me personally in a court hearing with Judge Sexton in an effort to try to have by by herself appointed as Conservator of y our property. Anne is definitely an embezzler and a liar along with her declare that Don told her “if anything takes place in my opinion provide it into the police” and she merely forgot that until the hearing three months later on maybe not legitimate. Later on, when Anne had been obligated to return the embezzled properties, at the conclusion of the negotiations, because of the matter now shut, she opened and said from removing the junk that she knew all along that the only reason Don applied for the restraining order was to stop me.